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Top Real Estate Articles Spring 2018. How to interview agents, Dual Agency, Buying Condos, How to prepare your home to sell, Steps to home buying, How Not to Kill Your Home Sale, Curb Appeal, Home Permits. #realestate
Top Real Estate Articles Spring 2018

How to Prepare for the Spring 2018 Real Estate Market!


As we cruise into the spring real estate market there are things you need to do and know if you are buying or selling a home in 2018! I have put together a list of some great real estate articles from top bloggers to help you prepare. Check out the information and comment on the ones you liked the best. Feel free to share or send suggestions of your own!


KAREN HIGHLAND  –  Worst Things about Zillow’s Zestimates

Real estate bloggers have written a lot of articles about Zillow and their “Zestimates”. It’s fair to say that they are the bane of real estate agents. Did you know that online home valuations are wrong more than they are right? In my area of the country they are off by more than 5 percent over half the time. Can you imagine if a Realtor® got their list price that wrong, that often? They would probably need to find a different career!

As I see it, the worst thing about Zestimates is not just that they are inaccurate, but its that buyers and sellers often get wrong expectations when they see a Zestimates. Buyers and sellers will do a lot better if they take Zestimates with a grain of salt.


CONOR MACEVILLY  – 9 Critical Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo

Conor Macevilly provides 9 critical questions you should be asking if your are considering buying a condo. Buying a condo requires that the buyer does some extra investigational steps compared to buying a house. The buyer needs to make sure to ask a lot of question before making an offer to determine if the condo is a good fit for their personal needs and lifestyle. Ask now or it will be too late after you move in. For example, are there are any current or upcoming special assessments, will my 150lbs Saint Bernard be allowed (what’s the pet policy), or are you allowed to rent out the condo (any rental cap)? When you buy a home you can do as you please. However, condominiums are subject to the rules, regulations and the overall financial health of the Home Owners Association. Avoid unpleasant surprises by asking lots of questions upfront.


BILL GASSETT  –  Dual Agency

Whether you are buying or selling a home it is vital that you have a real estate agent who is representing your best interests. If you are a buyer you want a buyer’s agent and if you are selling a home you want a seller’s agent. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, as Bill Gassett explains at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you might encounter what’s called dual agency. When you agree to allow dual agency you give up the right of representation. The person you hired to be in your corner fighting hard for your best interests is no longer able to do so.

In dual agency the real estate agent must become a neutral party. Who exactly does this benefit? It certainly doesn’t benefit a buyer or a seller. If you’re thinking the real estate agent makes out just fine you would be 100 percent correct. Dual agency does not benefit consumers! Some states have actually been smart enough to ban dual agency. Frankly, it should be banned everywhere.

Just imagine for a moment you are selling your home and receive an offer. Under normal circumstances your real estate agent would be able to offer you advice on what to do. They can formulate a strategy of what a counter offer should be including discussing all the relevant terms and conditions. Following the offer the real estate agent would also be able to offer advice when the buyer is asking for home inspection repairs. Your agent would be able to counsel you throughout the transaction at every turn.

When you agree to dual agency they can do NONE of these things! Don’t let yourself be talked into dual agency. Insist that your real estate agent represents you and only you whether you are buying or selling.


EILEEN ANDERSON  –  21 Questions to ensure you hire a TOP Realtor® and protect your financial investment!

Are you looking to hire a Realtor® to buy or sell a home? Don’t rely on your gut to choose a professional agent. Be truthful…How many of you hire an agent because there is a sign next door, or you met someone at an open house? If you are buying or selling your home, it is critical to your success to be asking the right questions to interview and hire a professional agent. Working as a CT Realtor in Farmington Valley and West Hartford for 19 years I am always surprised how little time and effort people spend investigating whom they will hire to handle one of the biggest transactions of their life!

Here are 21 questions you should be asking a Realtor®  so you can to make a sound financial investment and get the most amount of money for the sale of your home.


MICHELLE GIBSON  –  9 Rules to Follow When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be a very exciting time in a persons life, but it can also be very confusing and even stressful. However if buyers follow the “rules to buying a home” they will not only be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress, but they will be able to save time and possibly money too.

So where can a buyer find these home buying rules? Unfortunately most of these rules are unwritten, but Michelle Gibson, a top Wellington FL Realtor, recently wrote an excellent article, Buying Etiquette 101 | Rules to Follow when Buying a Home, where she discusses these rules. In her article she lists the top 9 rules buyers should follow, like not calling other real estate agents and not bringing an entourage with when looking at homes for sale, but she also explains why a buyer should avoid breaking them.

If you are thinking about buying a home or have already started the home buying process I highly recommend taking a moment to read Michelle’s article and listen to the great advice she provides.


JEFF NELSON  –  40 Plus Tips to Sell Your Home in the Spring

“Spring is upon us and now is the time to get things done for the big home buying season. Jeff Nelson from IXL Real Estate in Gulf Shores AL gives us 40 Plus Tips to Sell Your Home in the Spring. If you’re thinking about selling during the Spring, Jeff gives you a ton of ideas relating to the inside of the house, the outside, your money, and the overall real estate spectrum.
When March comes around there will be a surge of new homes that come on the market. Here are some ideas to put your listing at the top of the competition.”


PAUL SIAN  –  Four Things That Can Kill A Home Sale

Whether you are the buyer or the seller of a home there are Things that can kill-your-home-sale our areas that can lead to a deal to buy real estate to fall apart. Greater Cincinnati Realtor Paul Sian about areas which warrant careful consideration and attention from both the buyer and the seller in his article. The areas to keep in mind include the motivation to buy or sell, the appraisal, the home inspection and the financing. Motivation is one of the big factors for buying or selling a home and if either buyer or seller does not have the right motivation they may unintentionally sabotage their own deal. The other areas like appraisal and home inspection are also critical and both the buyer and seller may have some degree of control where if the results don’t go their way they can still continue towards closing. Financing is more of an issue for the home buyer but still a critical part in the overall goal to buy/sell real estate. Be sure to check out Paul’s article to get an in depth look into each of those areas so you can help keep your own deal on track.


KYLE HISCOCK  –  Advice for Selling a Home in the Spring

Kyle Hiscock shared some advice for selling a home during the spring! In most real estate markets, the springtime is traditionally the best in terms of securing the highest prices. Working as a Webster NY Realtor for nearly 7 years, it’s no mystery that the highest number of buyers are shopping for homes during the spring months. It’s also no surprise that the number of homes for sale is the highest during the spring.

So, what does this mean for home sellers who’re thinking about selling their home during the spring? It’s simple, you need to begin preparing to sell a home in the spring NOW, even though it’s only January! The time that the spring market begins will vary, however, it’s never too early to being preparing!

Three of the best tips for preparing to sell a home in the spring include giving your home a deep cleaning, ensuring that everyone whom lives in your home are prepared for the sale, and also to begin interviewing and ultimately choose a Realtor who will be listing your home! Not being prepared to sell a home can be very costly! By following these three tips, you’ll ensure your home is ready for your spring sale and that you end up putting the most amount of money in your pocket!


SHARON PAXSON  –  10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

Considering selling your home this spring? Then there are many items to consider when selling your home. Sharon Paxson, a top Newport Beach, CA Realtor has written an article titled 10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to your Home.
When selling, your home has ONE chance to make an epic first impression both online and in person. Having the home prepared and ready for photography is a critical element when preparing your home to sell. If your property is not presented well online, then there is a possibility the buyer will pass it by! Great real estate photography makes a difference when a buyer is searching for a home online! That photos should be representative of the home with excellent curb appeal.

Important considerations include boosting curb appeal, adding color to the garden to make it stand out. Maintaining the yard and flower beds is also recommended.

Consider painting the front door of the home a contrasting color so that the home stands out. White homes with black trim are always elegant and will appeal to the masses. Updating numbers of address and mailbox. The entry and front of the home should stand out with fresh paint. Adding a welcome mat and a seasonal wreath the front door will also make the home inviting.

Check out this article about preparing your home for sale and boosting curb appeal.


LUKE SKAR  –  Spring Advice for Buyers and Sellers

The Spring time of the year is historically a great time to sell a home. This means that there will be competition in the form of lots of sellers trying to sell to lots of buyers. All of these clients will be vying for time from their real estate agents and their lenders, and the accompanying service providers. Having a strong plan can help you navigate the crowded real estate waters and enable you to reach your goal. I have suggestions for both sellers and buyers.

For spring home buyers, it is all about knowledge and preparation. The more knowledge you have the better off you will be. Most notably you need the following:

• Get in touch with a lender and request a pre-approval
• After getting the pre-approval, contact a real estate agent to help you find a home
• Do thorough research on the neighborhoods in the area that interests you
Getting all of this info together now will make the home buying process easier once you find a home.

For spring home sellers, there is more work involved in the form of physical labor. In order to get a home in its best shape, sellers should focus on the following items:

• Clean everything, inside and outside the home
• Make sure the yard looks fresh and clean
• Do all you can to improve the curb appeal of the property

If you are willing, you can also spend some time and a little bit of money on small projects that can also add value to the property, but that is more of a case by case scenario.


DEBBIE DRUMMOND  –  Tips for Sellers and Obtaining Permits

Few things are more frustrating to a seller than accepting a great offer on their home only to have the buyer cancel during their due diligence. One reason a buyer may cancel is if they discover your home has work that should have been permitted but wasn’t. In her latest blog, Debbie Drummond gives tips for sellers who have work done in their homes without permits.


Best of Best Real Estate Articles 2018

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