Top Real Estate Articles November 2019


Top Real Estate Articles November 2019

Top Real Estate Articles November 2019

How to Break into the Luxury Real Estate Market – Tips on Selling Luxury Real Estate by Eileen Anderson

Selling luxury homes is not an easy task and will take time and research. Working with luxury clients can pose some challenges that are outlined in this article. Real estate agents looking to break into the luxury real estate market must be on top of their game. When a client chooses a REALTOR® they will expect you to have a large and global sphere of influence to market to. Learn how to gain the experience and confidence needed to be a service-oriented professional with local expertise who can deliver top notch results selling the luxury real estate.

Downsides of Selling a Vacant Home by Sharon Paxson, Realtor®

Selling a vacant home does have some drawbacks. If there are any imperfections in a home, they will stand out in a vacant home. If the carpet is stained or need cleaning, it will stand out. Taking photos in a vacant home can be challenging. The reasons are because it is difficult to differentiate one room from the next. The rooms all appear to look like each other, especially if there are multiple bedrooms. Other factors include that a buyer may not be able to figure out how to utilize the room or how their furniture will fit. If possible try to stage some of the rooms. The most important rooms to stage are living area, dining area and master bedroom. If a home must be vacant then it should be in pristine condition with freshly painted walls and new carpet. And then a buyer may feel as though they are moving into a brand new home of their own.

Top Real Estate Articles November 2019

Buying a Fixer-Upper Home: What You Need to Know by Bill Gassett

Are you considering purchasing your first home? As a first-timer, one of the considerations will be buying a fixer-upper house. If you go down this road there are a lot of things to know. In the article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will see some exceptional tips when buying a property that needs work. As a buyer there is quite a bit consider before buying a fixer upper property. Make sure you educate yourself fully or you could end up over year head in problems.

Things Home Buyers should not do after getting pre-approved by Luke Skar

One of the best ways to steer clear of financial problems is to learn from the mistakes of others. When it comes to buying a home, there are some major things to avoid before closing on the loan. This will make the whole process easier and also help you avoid a major disaster. Here is a list of the top things home buyers should not do after getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

Top Real Estate Articles November 2019

What is Home Energy Audit and Can it Help me Sell My House by Joe Boylan

Energy Efficiency has become a very important feature for many of today’s homebuyers. As a homeowner, it just makes sense to invest in the Energy Efficiency of your home, especially from a money-saving standpoint but the real benefit comes when it’s time to sell. The first step on the road to energy efficiency is the Home Energy Audit. An audit shows the homeowner where they need to focus their efforts and where the greatest savings can come from. If you are serious about making your home as energy-efficient as possible, you need to start with a “Home Energy Audit”.

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Difference between a Solo Agent and Real Estate Team by Michelle Gibson, REALTOR®

A majority of buyers and sellers will hire a Real Estate Agent to assist them with their real estate needs, However, not all buyers and sellers know if the agent they’re hiring is part of a real estate team or operate as a solo agent and how it will impact their real estate transaction. In fact, some people have no clue there is a difference, but there is. Michelle Gibson, a Realtor in Wellington, discusses the difference between a Solo Agent and Real Estate Team and the pros and cons of both. Every buyer and seller is different and in some cases a solo agent will be best while other times it might be a team. It’s imperative they choose the best agent for them and their circumstances.

Home Improvement Trends: Where is the Best Return On Investment by Karen Highland

It’s that time of year when potential sellers start looking for advice about what they need to do to get their home ready for the spring market. One of my husband’s and my least favorite things is to inform a seller that, no, they won’t get more money for that particular “improvement”. 😭 Here’s some advice for sellers about what to do, and NOT to do in 2020. Number one: don’t over improve for your price range and comparative homes in your area. Number two: don’t do high end improvements, unless your home is positioned in the luxury market. Number three: consult your real estate professional before you write the check!top-real-estate-articles-2019

Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner by Paul Sian

Selling a home for sale by owner or FSBO means the homeowner is wanting to put their home on the market and try and find a buyer without the help of their own real estate agent.  Homeowners may be willing to work with an agent who brings a buyer or they may not instead preferring to work with a buyer who has no agent.  Oftentimes buyers who come with their own agent may already have an agreement in place to pay their agent so the seller does not need to be concerned with paying a commission on their side.  Whatever the reason may be for selling FBSO this article provides some tips and insights so homeowners can have a successful sale.

Should You Tip Your Realtor? by Geoff Southworth

There are many occasions whether you are a buyer or a seller, when you may wonder, Should You Tip Your Realtor? For example, a buyer may worry that they should tip their buyers agent. After all, your real estate agent may invest a great deal of time and money in finding your potential homes and driving you around all day to viewings. Should you tip your Realtor at the end of a series of viewings? Maybe you should offer to pay for their gas? On top of that, there is the actual work a real estate agent does during the purchase process. It’s a lot of hard work. Surely a little gift at the end of all this is OK? Check out the article from Author, Geoff Southworth at and find out how to tip your realtor.

 Top Real Estate Articles November 2019

Home Selling Trends for 2020 and How They Affect the Top Two Market Demographics by Petra Norris

Home selling trends for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020 and how to use those factors to sell to the top two market demographics. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest factors driving the housing market right now. We will also look at some of the best ways to market to two unique segments of the housing market in 2020 and beyond—first time home buyers and millennials.

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