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Simsbury Garden Tour Photos

 Garden Club Tour

 Private Garden ~ West Simsbury

Hello fellow gardeners! I would love to say that my gardens are full of exotic plants and a carefully thought out design but it is neither. The truth be told wherever I found a spot of dirt a plant went in being mindful of sun vs shade of course. I bought my home in the winter and when I closed it was May and it was a jungle out there! I had 300 plants in pots on the hot tar in my driveway and I had to clear land, bring in 24 yards of soil and compost before I could plant anything. Time was running out and after I removed 42 yews and prepared the beds I was frantically putting in the plants anywhere I could.

After a while I grew to like the more naturalistic look and as time goes on I move things around. I also install gardens for my real estate clients if they need to sell and upgrade the “curb appeal” of their home. I can use my yard as holding gardens to give them mature plantings for a quick sale. 
I have complete “before and after” photos on my website which such an amazing transformation of the 2.5 acres. Take a look at the before and after pictures of what I was up against! Yikes!


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