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Garden Tips for November in New England


November Gardening Checklist


  • Mulch perennials after the first hard frost.
  • Tie climbing roses against the wind. Hybrid tea roses should be mulched with soil 8” high around them.
  • Leave seed heads on ornamental grasses for winter interest.
  • Blow leaves from Pachysandra.
  • Iris borers lay eggs in September, clean up iris bed.
  • Winter grasses are beautiful don’t cut them till spring.

November Gardening Checklist

Annuals & Vegetables

  • Cover strawberry beds with straw after the ground freezes.
  • Trim ends of summer-grown canes of red raspberry & blackberry back by 12” to 16”, also remove suckers which have sprouted from the ground.
  • Remove all dead plants to not infect next years growth.
fall gardening tips new england

November Gardening Checklist


  • Fall browning of inner evergreen needles is normal. Apply  an anti-desiccant to shrubs now to protect broad leaf evergreens against winter die-back.
  • Before the ground freezes hard, give the evergreens a final watering.
  • A properly mulched plant remains warmer & the roots do not freeze as deeply. Mulched plants (especially evergreens) are able to absorb water & are less prone to desiccation during winter months.
  • Never wrap foundation plants with plastic.
  • Dig a hole for your live Christmas tree now so planting will be easy in frozen ground come January.
  • Need some holiday decoration? Collect Winterberry, birch twigs, dried hydrangea flowers.
  • Dormant trees can be moved if the ground isn’t frozen.
  • Many junipers turn bronze colored in the winter – they will return to green in the spring.
  • Prune vines that have climbed tree trunks (poison ivy, wisteria, wild grapes, bittersweet, wild rose). Best time of year to do this when you can wear heavy clothing to protect your skin.
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November Gardening Checklist


  • Remove soil from outdoor ceramic flower pots to prevent breakage from freezing & thawing. Bring in Bird Baths and other garden art.

  • Send your lawn mower for tune-up.

  • Hoses will freeze and crack. Drain the garden hoses. Shut off & drain outside faucets.

  • Knock down outdoor wasp nests.

  • Want to save some herbs indoors? Try parsley. 

  • Clean your bird houses for next year. Put out bird feeders! Bears are sleeping.
  • Pesticides will freeze, store in a secure, cool and dry place.
  • Keep your house free of insects by storing firewood outside.
  • Animals are looking for warm places to nest – secure your attic.
  • Great time to clean stone walkways and patios.

Fall is great time to rebuild your patio or install one!

November Gardening Checklist

Create Water Feature

  • Dig a stream or install pond with waterfalls.

Fall Projects

Make a Stone Wall

  • Plan Line – use string.
  • Gather rocks and tools
  • Clear brush
  • Level land
  • Start building, large rocks on go on the bottom and outside, rumble rocks inside, flat rocks on top.
  • If you use cement make sure it doesn’t show on the outside.
  • Fill gaps with small rocks.
  • Boom Done



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