Garden Ideas and Landscape Design

Gardens and Landscape Design

For all of us who have a great passion for creating unique landscapes and artistic gardens here are tips and garden pictures to inspire you.

Not only will landscaping greatly improve your home’s value and curb appeal but spending time in a garden can bring about physical, mental, and social restoration.

My blog will have many tips, tricks, and “to-do” lists for each month to keep your yard and gardens in tip top shape.


Shade Gardening

For some gardeners shade gardening can be a challenge but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy the foliage plants and coolness it gives you.  A beautiful  garden in the shade is possible! Whether you want to create a meandering shady path through a woodland garden or add shade plants to your patio with container gardens  you can create a paradise.  A well-thought-out design, soil preparation and carefully selected plants are essential.


shade garden plants

Full Sun Gardens

You will need 6 hours of sunlight for your full sun garden to thrive. Intense heat and dry conditions mean you have to water. You will be rewarded with colorful flowers and beautiful foliage as well as birds and butterflies.

Gardens for Small Spaces

Good design is essential for small yards and patios. Learn how to maximize your garden area and get creative with container gardens or vertical gardening.  Use privacy fencing and garden art to create your private oasis.

steam gardens

Streams & Brooks

There is a wide range of plants to use in and around your pond or by a steam. Brooks are also teeming with animal and plant life. If you are lucky enough to have a pond you can dig a stream and have beautiful gardens along the steam.

Stone Walls

Stone walls serve as a wonderful backdrop for spring gardens or retaining walls to contain a garden.  They can be simple and you don’t need mortar.  

Things to do in April for your gardens. April Gardening to do checklist, home staging, real estate home sale

Garden and Landscaping Advice

Check out and follow the gardening to-do lists for each month. Learn what to do when in you garden. How to trim shrubs, care of plants, how-to take care of your garden and more.

Rose Gardens

Who doesn’t love the aroma of roses on a June day or an arbor of climbing roses as the entry way into a garden area. Historic Elizabeth Park offers a wide variety of roses, perennial beds, annuals and dahlias. Don’t miss the roses and enjoy some wedding photography.



Before and After - How to Landscape a Distressed Property

So you have decided to buy a distressed property and the land is an overgrown jungle. Well, OK, I bought the property and wrangled the jungle. See how it was done! Great before and after pictures and very rewarding.

Garden Water Features

Landscaping and gardening is all about making a house a home.
Sunlit Daffodils

Garden Photography

Some of the gardens are public gardens but most them I designed and installed. I hope you get inspired.