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Early Plant Bloomers and March Gardening to do List

Early Bloomers and March Gardening To Do Lists

March Gardening To Do List

There is so much to do before the garden season gets underway. Cleaning, raking, planning, dreaming, designing and more!

Early Bloomers and March Gardening to do List

If you are planning to sell your home this March here are some tips to make your home stand out from your competition. After a good clean up you can add some decorative elements like stone walls.

As soon as you can work the dirt, head to the nursery to get some plants, shrubs and trees that bloom in early spring. Pick up a few flats of pansies and load up your decorative containers on your front step and patios.

If you are a new homeowner the same advice is true. Get your garden compost delivered and start planning your garden beds as soon as you can work the soil. 

As you move into April, May and June you can check out your garden to do lists for these months as well. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to help.

Happy Gardening!

Planning & Garden Design

March gardening pansies

Horticulture Treatments

  • Spray trees
  • Get your soil tested through your local Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory
  • Check trunk and rough branch areas of white pines for cottony white flecks of pine bark adelgid. Hire a local company to treat with Horticultural Oil if needed.
  • Horticultural Oil treatments for maple bladder gall mite, pear psylla, and scale on shrubs and trees can be applied; check labels for specifics on appropriate weather conditions.
  • Apply Step One Scotts fertilizer on the lawn
  •  Practice preventive pest management rather than reactive pest control. Identify and monitor problems before acting, and opt for the least toxic approach. Conserve the predators and the parasitoids that feed on insect pests.
  • Spread compost over garden and landscape areas.
  • Fertilize evergreen shrubs and trees if needed. If established and healthy, their nutrient needs should be minimal.
  • If needed, fertilize rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas with acid-type fertilizer.
March tree triming to do list

Pruning and Cleaning

  • Remove dead trees
  • Trim dead branches from trees.
  • Rake and clean winter branch debris.
  • Prune ornamentals for air circulation and to help prevent fungus diseases.
  • Prune out and destroy dark, swollen black knot galls on twigs of cherry and plum before budbreak.
  • On trees, shrubs, fruiting bushes and vines, prune off and destroy cankered twigs and any branches showing dieback.
  • Prune shortly before budbreak, or wait until just after leaves have expanded.
  • Prune or peel off and destroy Eastern tent caterpillar egg masses.
  • Cut ornamental grasses from last years growth. It’s nice to keep them up over the winter for winter interest. They look beautiful in the snow.


Early Bloomers MARCH

Early Blooming Plants & Trees

Get ready for the first blooms of the spring season



Witch Hazel

Star Magnolia



Variegated Solomon's Seal

Flowering Cherry Tree


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